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Northern Uganda

Northern Uganda offers visitors a variety of tourism attractions ranging from wildlife, rich sceneries, rivers to cultural and historical sites. However, these have remained largely unknown to potential tourists and most tour operators and agents. With the return of peace to northern Uganda, there is an increase in the number of visitors to the region.

fort-patiko (1)

Sir Samuel Baker’s Fort at Patiko in Gulu district.









Significant opportunities exist to expand the scope and scale tourism activities throughout northern Uganda. Improved security is allowing the rapid development of the region and generating increasing interest from businesses and tourists alike.

Private and government investment is needed to bring economic benefit to the local communities as well as protect and preserve the areas varied and unique resources. With appropriate investment and proper attention from the industry’s numerous stakeholders, tourism could be an important factor in the overall development of northern Uganda.


An impressive array of landscapes with wildlife offers an enticing alternative to the common safari circuits. The relative newness of the safari industry in the region, means that visitors enjoy a more peaceful and personal experience with nature. Bird enthusiasts will enjoy an impressive birdlife ranging from water birds while exploring Albert-Nile to species endemic or confined to mountains and savannas in northern and eastern Uganda. Much more can be done to accommodate existing and potential visitors for game viewing, bird watching, outdoor recreation and cultural tourism.

Northern Uganda’s main ethnic groups – the Alur, Acholi, Lugbara, Madi and Karimojong – offer a rich cultural tapestry to be explored and enjoyed; and offer visitors very distinct alternative to other cultures in Uganda. Most northern tribes originated from southern Sudan and while maintaining distinct languages and rituals, share a similar approach to music, arts and crafts and dance. Colorful cultural events and festivals occur in the region throughout the year, and visitors are encouraged to attend.

Extensive information booklet and documentary DVD have been produced to provide potential investors and other stakeholders’ basic information about the landscapes and tourism attractions in selected northern Ugandan landscapes.
For more information you dowload the handbook investment-opportunities-handbook  and the brochure investment-brochure

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